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Fresh Olive Oil from Turkey

Directly from Our Trees

Delivering a Rich and Authentic Taste

An Ancient Miracle Unveiled!

Our special oil is a natural extra virgin olive oil obtained by carefully harvesting unripe, greenish olives from centuries-old olive trees in the eastern region of Afrin River in Kilis province.

These olives are pressed on the same day, resulting in an unfiltered, intensely flavored, dark green oil with a maximum acidity level of 7%. Such oils are rich in vitamin E. You can confidently use it in all your hot and cold dishes.

During excavation works at Kilis Oylum Höyük, various basalt grinding stones used for extracting olive kernels and olive oil were found in layers dating back 4,000 years. This discovery reveals that the use of olives and olive oil in the Kilis region began much earlier than previously thought.

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Organic Turkish Olive Oil
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